Brittney Eileen

Pro Makeup Artist and Owner

I get asked all the time "How did you decided to become a wedding makeup artist?" and honestly my answer is always the same. That this business sort of just fell into my lap and I was lucky enough to fall in love with it. After high school I followed my best friend to cosmetology school, I thought I would LOVE doing hair (turns out I didn't) but I did fall in love with makeup. Soon after I started working at Sephora as a makeup artist and almost over night people were asking me to do their wedding makeup! It was best unintentional thing to ever happen to me and totally changed my path in life. Now 11 years later I have a calendar full of weddings and I wake up every day to a job I love.


Educating and sharing what I know makes me extra happy. Here is some free content that clients and aspiring makeup artists will find useful! Check out our facebook communities and free e-books! More to come