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Bridal Trial Questions Makeup Artists Should Be Asking Every Bride

If you're a makeup artist you know how important it is to have a good consultation with your bride at their trial. Its the best time to really dive deep and find out exactly what your bride is looking for on her big day. Before you can get started on doing their makeup you should ask these important questions!

  1. "Do you have any allergies I should know about?"

Before you even touch their skin you should be asking this question. You definitely don't want to put something on your client's face that may cause a reaction. Make sure you know the ingredients in your products so you don't run into any issues. If I know ahead of time that a client has an allergy I will send them a spreadsheet of all of my products, their ingredients and a link so they can learn more. I ask the client to go through and approve which products are ok to use!

2. What is your skin type like?

Your client may not always know the answer to this question but its always a good question to ask to give you insight into what your client really wants their skin to look like when you're done. For example a client may say that they're oily when you can see that they're more on the dry side. This might tell you that the bride really doesn't like to see a lot of shine on her face - so go in heavy on the skin prep but avoid using a strong highlighter.

3.What kind of look are we doing today? ( And ask for reference photos!)

The obvious question is to ask what kind of look your bride is hoping to achieve, can't get far without asking that! But try to some reference photos from them. Your idea of a glam look maybe very different that your client's idea of a glam look. A visual is always super helpful

4. How do you normally wear your makeup?

This is my favorite question to ask any client. When you hear what their routine is you can gauge pretty easily how comfortable your client will be with wearing makeup. If they are used to wearing lashes or a bold lip then you know you can amp up the drama a little bit more. If all they wear is chapstick then you may want to take it slow and really walk them through every single step.

5. Are you ok with waterproof mascara?

Applying waterproof mascara on a wedding day may seem like the obvious choice and 9/10 times they'll say yes. But there are still some people out there who really don't love having waterproof mascara applied to their lashes for a whole bunch of reasons. Make sure to ask before you go right in!

6. Are you ok with me taking photos/videos?

Not everyone is going to be ok with your taking and sharing their photos. Some want their privacy and some just don't feel comfortable. Most will say yes but its still smart to get their permission!


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