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Glam vs. Natural Wedding Makeup

Glam or natural makeup, how do you decide?



Every bride deserves to look their best on their wedding day, and picking the right makeup look plays an important role. I get some brides that come to their trial prepared; they know exactly how they want to look on their big day. Some brides know exactly what eyeshadow palette they want me to use, what lipstick looks best on them, and what style of lashes they want to wear. But most brides come to me completely undecided on how they want to look for their big day, and thats ok! It's an important decision and you should take the time to figure out exactly how you want to look. The number one thing I see most brides having a hard time deciding between, is if they should do a more natural look for go full out glam. Should you keep it simple and classic, or go all out for this important day?

Look Like Yourself On Your Big Day

You want to feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. You don't want to look so different that you look back on pictures and not even recognize yourself. If you are someone that never wears makeup, you probably don't want to rock a smokey eye and bold lip on your wedding day(but more power to you if you do!) If you are somebody that wears full glam just to go to the supermarket, you probably won't want to tone down the makeup for the big day just because "tradition" says to. Wether you choose natural or glam, make sure you pick an artist that still lets your natural beauty show through!

Location and Time

While there are not rules when it comes to . makeup, some of you may want to choose a look based off of what time of day or year you're getting married. If you are having a day wedding, you may not want to do a super dark look. If you're having a beach wedding, you may want to to ditch the smokey eye and heavy contour and swap it out for a bronzy, glowy look. If your wedding is in the middle of fall, you'll probably feel more comfortable rocking a bold lip, like this one.

Makeup by Brittney Eileen Makeup Artistry
Greg Brett Photography

Have A Trial.. Or Two!

The most important thing you can do is find a makeup artist who's work you love and schedule a trial with them! Most bridal makeup artists will require you have a trial before you book with them anyway. This is a really great way to ensure that you pick an artist you love and a look you you're happy with. If you're undecided on what kind of look you want, you may even want to book two trials ! I know I offer it as a package because so many of you want to try a couple of different looks before the big day. This gives you a chance to try a natural look and a glam look and see which one you feel most confident in.

Show Your Makeup Artist Pictures

Everyone has different ideas of what looks natural and what looks dramatic. It's a really good idea to save and show your makeup artist pictures of what you want. This will give your artist the chance to gauge just how glam or natural you want to look on your wedding day. I also recommend showing your artist a couple of photos of how you normally like to wear your makeup! I find it really useful when I'm working with a bride to see photos of what they normally look like, or of when they've felt the most confident.

No matter what, remember that this is your special day! You deserve you feel and look your best, don't settle for any look that doesn't make you feel 100% confident.

Photography credit in order:

Cover Photo: Daniel Doke Photography

1st Wedding Photo: Zev Fisher Photography

2nd Wedding Photo: Greg Brett Photography

Last Photo: Sarah Coon Photograhy

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