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How To Support Your Favorite Businesses

We all have our favorite business and business owners. From our makeup artists, to your hairdressers, to our go-to restaurants and more. Now more than ever it is so important that we all show our support for these businesses! Here are a few easy ways you can do that!

1. Write them a review!

What better way to hype up your fave business up than to write a raving review? Best places to leave them: Google, Facebook, Yelp, WeddingWire, or The Knot!

2. Share their work!

Get on social media and share, share, share! What better way to show love and support than by telling everyone you know about your favorite business! Share their instagram posts shout them out, make a Facebook post. Just tell everyone you know so they can fall in love with the business too!

3. Buy a gift card!

There's no denying that whats happening in the world is taking a hit on everyone's wallets. If you want to show your favorite business your support maybe reach out to them and see if you can purchase a gift card (only if you can afford it right now, obviously!).

However you choose to support us, we all appreciate it so much! I can say with certainty that myself and other local businesses are looking forward to the day where we can open our doors again and work with you all!

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home (if you can)!

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